GC Potential – The programme

"GC Potential" (German: WK Potential) aims to make current research results from universities and research institutes useable for regional companies more quickly.

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In East Germany, there are many universities and research institutes which have outstanding current research results with a high potential for innovation. However, regional entrepreneurs often benefit too little from this available knowledge; the transfer into companies either doesn’t work or it is too slow. This is where "GC Potential" comes in.

The programme aims to close the gaps which open up between basic research at the universities or public research institutes and research and development in companies. Thus, current research results from the universities and research institutes, which have a high level of innovation and growth potential, are used early on for innovations and successful economic development of small and medium-sized enterprises in East Germany.

“GC Potential” aims to motivate researchers to jointly develop their research results with companies in the region and sound out their potential for developing a regional core competence. With expertise on both sides, long-term products or services could be developed which give the partners involved and the region new inspiration. Successful “GC Potential” initiatives can apply for funding as part of the “Innovative Regional Growth Cores" (German: Innovative regionale Wachstumskerne) programme.

Since 2007, the Federal Research Ministry has so far made EUR 58.5 million available for 41 “GC Potential” initiatives.

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